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In 2010, in Apollo Beach Florida, PURE Design Studio launched as a boutique, local web design company, offering marketing and custom websites for small to medium sized businesses. We quickly realized however after getting a few medium to large customers under our belts that businesses all over Hillsborough and Hernando County were losing time and money by calling multiple shops or people for each marketing service or product they needed. On top of that, being in the marketing, printing and custom apparel industry for over 10 years, we unfortunately know that most product-driven shops really don’t have the customer’s best interests in mind. For them to make the money they want they have to cut corners and get the job done as quickly as possible!


Well we don’t operate that way and so 7 years ago we saw, and still do see, the opportunity for PURE Design Studio to be the #1, One-Stop Marketing Shop for Hillsborough and Hernando County businesses to get all of their web design, print and marketing needs fulfilled in one place. Web Design, Signage, ScreenPrinting, Embroidery, Printing, Promotional Products, Social Media Management …everything in one place.

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    Vertical Business Solutions, LLC is a full service provider of recruiting and professional human resource services. The company was started by Vong Keovongsa, a practicing HR Professional with over 18 years of experience in the field of human resources.

  • The business co-owner, Jennifer Keovongsa, is a licensed Mental Health Counselor who leads the business’s healthcare consulting services division.

    When you engage the services of Vertical Business Solutions you get access to a talented team of professionals and business owners who are committed to delivering innovative solutions for your business.

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