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May 28, 2024

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Workers Comp

We’ll Be Your Go To Workers’ Compensation Provider

Vertical Business Solutions allows us to bring your business workers compensation insurance on a pay-as-you-go basis at low group rates. We take care of all administration claims and risk management. Above all it is safe to say that almost every state requires employers to insure their employees with workers’ comp insurance. As a result, it’s not simply finding the right policy for your company and your employees, but also how you plan on managing the policy, so that it minimizes the potential impact on your cash flow. Our team focuses on your policy administration, injury claim administration, and safety compliance.

Vertical will manage your workers’ compensation allowing you to focus on your business. We ensure that coverage is in place and that premiums are paid. In addition, we make sure audits are accurate and renewals are timely. In the event of an employee injury, we will coordinate with the carrier and the injured worker along with the treating medical professionals.

Vertical Business Solutions, we can help you do just that. We can offer competitive rates because of the partners we work with. In summary by generating reports, we help you control your workers’ compensation costs, gather your employee’s information, and make it easier to manage premium payments. The ultimate goal is to prevent injuries to all employees, and the down time associated with incidents and accidents. Manuals can promote a safe work environment by facilitating on-site employee safety orientations. Our emphasis is on discovering what may cause an accident and identifying where in the work place they are likely to occur.